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Other impressive and authentic marine art by E.D. Walker can be viewed at www.edwalkermarine.com. Walker has painted several famous Americanships including the USS Jamestown, whose portraits below, were paintedin 2007 in recognition of the 160th anniversary of the 1847 Jamestown voyage.

USS Jamestown

The USS Jamestown was commanded by Robert Bennet Forbes of Boston, MA.Captain Forbes sailed in record time to transport a cargo of food from charitableAmericans for the Irish famine relief of 1847. The Jamestown, sent by the U.S. Congress, sailed between Boston and the British Isles on its historic mission.The U.S. sloop-of-war, Jamestown, began to load at Boston on St. Patrick's Dayand sailed for Cork, Ireland, on March 28, 1847. Captain R.B. Forbes was a retired sea captain and well known Boston ship owner.Forbes ranks as one of the forefront men in the great days of U.S. shipping. Forbeswas the USS Jamestown's volunteer commander for this voyage. The "Voyage of the Jamestown" was written by Commander Robert Bennet Forbes.Captain Forbes describes the voyage in his own words, "At about 8 a.m. on March 28th, the gallant ship was at the end of the wharf, with topsails set, topgallant sails sheeted home, the courses and spanker in the brails, the jib ready to hoist, the fasts had been singled, and all was ready to cast off, when the bowfast parted, and as her head swung off the sternfast was let go, the jib and the topgallant sails were set and we waved adieu to a crowd assembled on the dock, one of whom, my old friend Commodore James Armstrong, said he came to see the last of us.

While we were preparing to start, he appeared alongside with a lugubrious countenance, and when I asked as to the cause, he spoke something to the effect: I am sorry to see you going off at this season in that deeply laden ship with such a short crew; what are you going to do when it comes to getting up anchors?”  I answered that that was something I had not taken into consideration.  “I don’t expect to let them go before arrival at the Cove of Cork where  I can procure help to raise them, and as to being deep, if she was a merchant ship and was not more fully laden I would turn out my captain

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